Customised search for staff

Searching for staff means great responsibility. Because really good and reliable employees are the key to the success of your company. You can be confident that we will find the best possible staff, that we will advise you honestly at all times and that we will accompany you reliably through the complete staffing search process. This saves you time, money and nerves.

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Beyond standard headhunting – our services

When searching for your preferred candidate, we accompany and advise you comprehensively from start to finish. This starts with the definition of the position and the specification of its responsibilities and competencies including consultation regarding salary and fringe benefits. Customised for your position, we select the suitable search channels and search methods. In our company, searching for staff never means that assistants or students trawl the usual databases. ideale Personalberatung means that Master Sourcers and experienced researchers use selected research tools to find the specific candidates who are suitable for you.

Qualified approach and selection

At ideale Personalberatung, the approach is done respectfully by competent employees. In doing so, we ensure that we represent your company positively from the very first contact onwards and hence establish a good relationship. Of course, we strictly ad here to the German Protection against Unfair Competition Act (UWG). Interviews with candidates are exclusively held by our management. As recruitment consultants with many years of experience and coaching qualifications, we listen very carefully and ask specific questions. In doing so, we are able to learn a lot about people and their wishes, motivation and potential; we can really assess them and identify possible discrepancies. This is the perfect basis for our recommendation and ensures that you have a well-founded selection.

Presenting and consulting until it really fits

So as not to take up too much of your time, we only present you with the best candidates whom we have checked thoroughly with regard to their motivation and skills. Of course, we support and accompany you also in the course of further discussions and negotiations. In doing so, we consider ourselves to be competent and neutral facilitators who talk to companies and candidates until everybody is really satisfied.

Why are we so successful?

  • Because we know how and where we find the suitable candidates for you
  • Because we know how to present the position and your company in an attractive way
  • Because we succeed in inviting candidates to a beneficial interview
  • Because we as external consultants are able to talk neutrally and more openly to the candidates regarding their wishes and your position than you can do directly from your company
  • Because we do not “burn out” a vacant position. This is because we only offer it in a targeted manner to a handful of persons and we do so mainly in an anonymised and extremely discrete way
  • Because we keep our promises

Our secret

Psst, this is the secret of our first-class results…

We have developed a top tool with the help of which we are able to guarantee to search for and find staff in a reliable, professional and process-oriented way. This ensures consistent quality and the best results.

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