Cost-of-Vacancy Calculator

How much does a vacant position cost?

Work out with our Cost-of-Vacancy Calculator how much your company really has to pay for a vacant position.

You will see that it pays off to staff management positions quickly and sustainably. Of course, a professional recruitment agency has its price. However, a lot of companies underestimate the internal effort and in particular the internal costs of a search for staff. Costs also arise due to overtime by people around the vacant position, due to an excessive workload, higher error rates and dissatisfaction of staff and customers. Not least, choosing the wrong staff costs money and nerves because the entire process has to start again.

How much does missing the future cost?

People who think that they can save money with vacant positions because there are no payroll costs are mistaken. If a management position is staffed with competent personnel, the person contributes to the success of the business with his/her performance. When calculating the costs of a vacant position, the loss of added value, turnover, market share and the loss of profit should also definitely be taken into consideration. The message is clear: Save time, money and nerves and do the utmost to staff vacant positions as quickly as possible and in the best possible way. This is what you can do for the future of your company!

Cost-of-Vacancy Calculator

Instructions for the cost-of-Vacancy Calculator
  1. Set the annual salary of the vacancy with the slider.
  2. Select the number of working days per year. The average number of 250 days is the default setting.
  3. The impact factor indicates you how important the position is for the success of your company.
    Factor 1 = important, factor 2 = very important, factor 3 = crucial
  4. Recruiting time: How long will the vacant position remain unstaffed? By aid of the slider, you can see how sharply the costs rise during the vacancy.

These are the costs of a vacant position


Background information regarding the Cost-of-Vacancy Calculator

The calculator is based on a calculation model of Dr. John Sullivan, professor at San Francisco State University.

According to the 2020 analysis of the shortage of specialists (Fachkräfte-Engpass-Analyse) carried out by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), it takes about 127 days on average until a vacant position is staffed again. Depending on the job profile, company and region of the job, this process can last even longer.

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