Ideal Personnel Consulting

The ideale recruitment consultants for your company

ideale Personalberatung means that we advise and accompany your company comprehensively until we have found the perfect staff for you. This process starts with the differentiated analysis of your requirements and the allocation using research and identification. Our part is the respectful approach and qualified selection of candidates and we will of course assist you with our advice when it comes to the conclusion of the employment contract.

Please refer to the site » Customised search for staff to learn more how the process of ideale Personalberatung works and why we are so successful.

Our values, our ideals

“ideale” also stands for our values and ideals. This is because, in the first instance, our motivation to work is not driven by turnover but by values. We are focused on people. Values like fairness, respect, humanity and customer orientation define the way we work. Our top priority is to bring companies and the right persons together in order to create values in a sustainable way. In doing so, we always remain authentic and honest and we tell you openly if something does not work or does not seem to make sense – even if we lose turnover as a result.

Principles of ideale Personalberatung

  • Accompanying instead of processing
    We respect our customers (and candidates!) and accompany them honestly and on equal terms through the entire process of search for staff.
  • Understanding instead of selling
    Values and humanity are our main drivers. This is why we would like to understand people, bring them together in a suitable way and make them happy on a long-term basis.
  • Flow instead of conveyor belt
    Our customers and candidates are of the utmost importance to us. Instead of long lists, we will provide you with carefully selected suggestions which are customised to your requirements.

We love SMEs and technology

Small and medium-sized enterprises and hidden champions hold a particular place in our heart. We are also passionate about highlighting the positive factors of companies in regions that, at first glance, seem to be unattractive in order to provide them with suitable candidates. Technology and production are our favourite pet passions and we enjoy putting our considerable technical understanding to good use when familiarising ourselves with the details of technology companies. Challenge us – we look forward to it!

Expertise, performance and humanity

What is the qualification which we bring with us for HR consultation? Well-founded technical and business training courses form a sound basis. Qualified training in coaching and a certification as a Master Sourcer guarantee valuable professional know-how. Not least, we offer more than 15 years of experience in HR consultation, nearly 50 years of professional experience and over 100 years of life experience. Those are the facts. What really sets us apart is our unique combination of expertise, curiosity, motivation and empathy. Try us and find out for yourself!

ideale Management

This are the competent minds behind the ideal recruitment consultancy!

Managing director

We are professionals at finding candidates.

Benefit from our expertise:

  • More than 15 years of experience in recruiting staff
  • Over 10,000 suitable candidates identified
  • Up to 90% response rate when approaching candidates
  • More than 1,000 successfully placed candidates
  • No candidate ghosting


Just contact us, we will advise you without obligation.