iP5A Master Process

iP5A Master Process – the ideal way of finding staff

The iP5A Master Process which was developed and consistently optimised by us is the top tool for searching staff. The resulting guaranteed reliable, professional and process-oriented way of working clearly sets us apart significantly from other recruitment agencies.

The iP5A Master Process distinguishes itself by a clear and transparent approach, great expertise in the field of research and a lot of sensitivity for the people we work with. In our company, the iP5A Master Process is a management issue and our management decides jointly about all important steps. In doing so, we can be proud to look back at 15 years and more than 1,000 successfully staffed positions with only one guarantee claim.

iP5A Master-Process

1 Analysis

  • Execution by the management with 15 years of recruiting experience
  • In-depth technical and business background knowledge (studies in business administration and engineering)
  • Broad experience with corporate groups and SMEs

15 years of experience

2 Allocation

Candidate identification procedure (Master Sourcer Process)

  • Masterperformance

More than 10,000 potentially suitable candidates identified

3 Approach

  • Development of a clear candidate approach tactic: (channel, time of the day, reasoning, tone, …)
  • Preparation of the positions and company description for an optimum candidate fit
  • Approach in compliance with the UWG and the GDPR

Response rate of more than 90%

4 Adapt selection

  • Execution by the management with 15 years of recruiting experience
  • Structured process by respecting the dual-control principle within management when it comes to important steps
  • Comprehensive and honest profile with clear recommended actions

More than 1,000 successfully placed candidates

5 Accomplished conversion

  • Decision support during selection
  • Facilitation of the contract negotiations
  • Consultation regarding onboarding

Not a single “ghosting” in 15 years

Finding reliable staff with the 5 As

AnalysisWithout a good analysis, selecting candidates becomes a game of roulette. We take the analysis of the positions very seriously and develop a crystal-clear common understanding of your requirements. This holistic approach guarantees the quick success of the project.

Your benefit: We understand your requirements more clearly and we understand them straight away from the outset.

Allocation: We like doing research and we do it personally. The professional allocation by experienced master sourcers is done with customised methods. Further important bases of our search are a good overview of the market and our broad network of potentially suitable candidates.

Your benefit: You get better candidates more quickly.

Approach: We not only like our customers, we also like our candidates. By preparing the job ad in a targeted way and by consistently focussing on the candidates, we achieve a very high response rate and a high conversion percentage.

Your benefit: Candidates who perfectly match your requirements and who would really like to work for your company.

Adept selection: In our company, interviews with candidates are always a management issue. They are held by following a structured process and adhering to the dual-control principle. Due to our competence and experience, we draw up a comprehensive and honest profile with clearly recommended actions.

Your benefit: You get informative documents of selected suitable candidates for you to make a decision.

Accomplished conversion: Of course, we support you during decision-making, facilitate the contract negotiations and advise you when it comes to onboarding. In doing so, we are able to virtually exclude the feared ghosting.

Your benefit: You are able to sustainably staff your position with maximum certainty.

Can you find new staff reliably and quickly?